The Monastery Cat by Sharon Wooding


The Monastery Cat

by Sharon Wooding

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Set in the rugged hills of the Tuscan Sienese Crete, at the beautiful Benedictine Abby of Monte Oliveto, The Monastery Cat (Small Batch Books, 2016) tells the tale of Micio, a tabby with a nose for adventure. While he incurs the wrath of the abbot, Micio ultimately saves the day, and thereby earns a loving tribute, which still stands in its place of honor.

"Sharon Wooding's The Monastery Cat, about a treasured work of art from the Italian Renaissance, is a masterpiece in its own right. A sequel to Wooding's The Painter's Cat, it features her dauntless hero, Micio, in a beguiling tale illustrated with scenes as detailed as an illuminated manuscript." - Caleb Ives Bach, The Scam Artist: The Other Bosch

"How did a cat come to have a place of honor on a 16th century Tuscan monastery lectern? In The Monastery Cat, Sharon Wooding provides a thoroughly satisfying explanation, rich with warm and lively illustrations." - Nancy Bond, A String in the Harp

"I'm brought nearly to reverence by Sharon Wooding's soft-toned parable of coexistence in nature and in beauty. I want a Micio of my own." - Gregory Maguire, Wicked